VREMT’s Integrated Scenario-Based Energy Solutions Impress SNEC Energy Storage Conference & Exhibition 2023

The 8th International Energy Storage Technology, Equipment, and Application Conference & Exhibition (SNEC International Energy Storage Conference & Exhibition) for 2023 wrapped up from November 1st to 3rd in Shanghai. VREMT's remarkable 400-square-meter booth drew the attention of professionals from both domestic and international sectors, fostering connections and exploration. This exhibition presented yet another occasion for VREMT to showcase its innovative practices and technological achievements comprehensively in the energy storage and charging field, building on its earlier eco-friendly storage and charging product launch event in April.

VREMT presented its comprehensive lineup of eco-friendly storage and charging products, intelligent microgrid charging system solutions, and integrated scenario-based energy solutions. Through five distinct application scenarios, VREMT effectively showcased its dedication to energy storage deployment and the principles of green development. In recognition of its exceptional innovation and corporate prowess, VREMT received the "SNEC Innovation Enterprise Award". Moreover, during the event, VREMT entered into strategic cooperation agreements with multiple industry partners, laying the foundation for future collaborations in energy storage projects and vital technological domains, thereby promoting further advancements in high-quality industry development.

VREMT Provides Integrated Scenario-Based Energy Solutions with Enhanced Energy Storage and Charging Product Portfolio

With the global consensus on the carbon peak and carbon neutrality goals, the energy storage market is experiencing rapid growth. Established in 2013, VREMT, with the support of Geely Holding Group, originally focused on the new energy electric industry (battery, motor and electric control system products of new energy vehicles), and has gradually expanded its business into energy storage and charging fields. It has successfully established a world-leading research and manufacturing system and achieved a comprehensive presence in both the new energy vehicle and industrial energy storage sectors.

At this exhibition, VREMT showcased a complete range of eco-friendly storage and charging products, including cabinet energy storage products, containerized energy storage products, direct current (DC) side storage products, household storage products, portable storage products, and intelligent microgrid charging system solutions. These offerings are designed to meet the diverse and customized energy consumption needs of users.

Having robust hardware and software capabilities is just the first step for VREMT. Its ultimate goal is to enhance value for customers. VREMT, therefore, has developed integrated scenario-based energy solutions that cover various stages of energy use, including “source, grid, load, and storage”. This comprehensive approach comprises all links from the overall solution, to equipment, to investment and construction, to platform, to operation and maintenance, and to training.

For better visualization, VREMT brought five key real-world scenarios, including industrial, agricultural, municipal, transportation, and household scenarios, onto the exhibition stage. These scenarios are brought to life in three dimensions through techniques such as scale models and videos, providing a three-dimensional illustration of VREMT's energy storage deployment and dedication to green development principles.

Three Key Advantages Drive High-Quality and Healthy Development in Energy Storage

As the energy storage market experiences rapid growth, concerns about energy storage safety and energy costs are also on the rise. At the exhibition, VREMT focused on showcasing three core advantages of their products: safety, intelligence, and modularity, which attracted significant attention within the industry.

Notably, VREMT also presented its innovative "Proactive Safety and Intelligent Operation and Maintenance System", which comprises energy storage intelligent operation and maintenance terminals and an intelligent cloud management platform, working in tandem to establish a new mode of intelligent and secure operation and maintenance.

The intelligent operation and maintenance system can collect multiple dimensions of biometric data from maintenance personnel across different channels. It uses voiceprints, facial recognition, and fingerprints for cross-identity verification, combined with flexible permission settings, significantly enhancing the system's encryption security level. In daily unmanned operational environments, the system can automatically identify unauthorized or suspicious individuals and issue alerts for their removal. In the event of violent disruptions, it can automatically report anomalies, working in conjunction with cloud platform big data analysis and remote monitoring to effectively ensure the safety of maintenance personnel and equipment assets.


The intelligent cloud management platform integrates visual maintenance, precise management, and big data analysis into a single system. It enables intelligent energy management for storage systems, photovoltaic systems, wind power systems, load systems, etc. This platform enables safety warnings at sites, remote operation and maintenance, and smart operations, providing the necessary infrastructure for further exploration, analysis, processing, and handling of energy data.

VREMT’s Household and Portable Products are Welcomed by Users Outside China, Attracting Significant Attention

Among the highlights of VREMT's booth, what caught the public's eye the most were their recent award-winning designs for household and portable energy storage solutions. Setting them apart from typical industrial products, VREMT’s household and portable energy storage products embrace the concept of "simplicity in complexity". They feature minimalist exterior designs that are visually striking.

VREMT's household energy storage products include split-type household energy storage, integrated household energy storage, and stackable household energy storage. These products are highly regarded in the household energy storage market due to their advantages such as safety, reliability, flexible scalability, intelligent operation, slim design, and strong adaptability.

VREMT's innovative approach to mobile portable energy storage incorporates a removable modular design. This design brings abundant expandability and ease of maintenance, making it a perfect fit for powering a diverse range of lifestyle scenarios, including camping, fishing, hiking, etc.

Since 2021, due to the global situation, there has been an explosive surge in demand for household energy storage products. VREMT's household energy storage products, with their diverse advantages, have gained significant popularity among users outside China. VREMT Energy's latest lineup of household energy storage products has recently been exported to markets in Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa, and Australia.

VREMT Won One of the “Top Ten Highlights” Awards, and its "Prevention and Treatment" Design Promotes Safe Development of the Industry

Staying committed to technological innovation and leading the way for healthy growth, VREMT's continuous breakthroughs in key core technologies have gained industry recognition. In the "Top Ten Highlights" selection, VREMT Energy was honored with the "SNEC Innovation Enterprise Award" presented by the SNEC Energy Storage Conference & Exhibition 2023 organizing committee.

Exhibitors engaged in in-depth discussions on the current industry challenges and frequently addressed the topic of energy storage safety and corresponding measures.

Dr. Guo Chenfeng, a senior expert from VREMT Energy Division, was invited to deliver a keynote speech titled "Innovative Technologies for Lithium Battery Energy Storage Safety". Dr. Guo shared that VREMT's energy storage systems feature a groundbreaking "prevention and treatment" four-in-one intrinsic safety design, coupled with comprehensive protection leveraging accumulated expertise in battery safety at the vehicle end. This approach ensures the safety and reliability of the energy storage systems.

VREMT Collaborates with Industry Partners to Deepen Cooperation for High-Quality Development of the Energy Storage Industry

Aiming for a win-win ecosystem of cooperation and a brighter future for green energy storage, VREMT entered into cooperation agreements with several partners at the exhibition, including Sinochem International's New Energy Division. Both sides will fully leverage each other’s strengths to drive the integrated development of the new energy industry.

While continuing to focus on product research and development, VREMT's global network of energy storage and charging product distributors remains active. VREMT will collaborate with its partners, persisting in advancing the development of the industry through technological innovation, and actively exploring opportunities with an open-minded cooperative approach. This commitment aims to deliver a more convenient, greener, and safer energy usage experience for users worldwide.

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